March 30, 2010

Letter to My Mind

Hello in there!  I've been meaning to have a word with you.  Knock knock in there--are you listening?  So, here's the thing:

I know that you are used to me doing certain things--eating lots of junk, crashing in front of the TV, staying up late, and not getting enough sleep.  And I know you are used to living in this body that hasn't moved a lot lately.  You're used to all of that.  And you probably want all of that to continue.

But here's the deal: some things need to change.  I am making some changes.  I've decided on some goals, and I'm going to make some changes based on those goals.  I'm going to do some work--work towards those goals.  Really, I am.    Seriously I am.  And I need your help!

Now don't just brush my words aside.  I know that you have heard the whispers of my passing thoughts and feelings that have tried to help me make better, healthier choices.  And I know that you SQUASH these new ideas with the STRENGTH of my old, usual routine behaviors.  That old stuff is very strong right now because my body and choices have nurtured all of those routines.  But this is changing -- and I'm just letting you know.

If there's one thing I have realized over the past few months, it's this --  
I do NOT have control over you my dear mind!  
You work in mysterious ways, and I can't quite figure you out.  I can't quite make you do what I really, really want you do.  And I don't quite understand how you work.  And I'm coming to terms with that.

So dear mind, I know that you are going to want to work against these changes.  I know that you are not going to give them a chance right away.  I know that you are going to work against me.  You are not on board right now.  I get it.

And knowing all of that, I'm still going to make these changes.  I'm going to try to live differently.    I'm moving ahead.

So when I am making some healthy choices tomorrow, I know you are going to be thinking about finding some chocolate.  Luckily there is none in the house right now.  When I get ready to go for a walk, I know you are going to try and talk me out of it.  And I am ready for you.  I'm going anyway.  You see, I have decided.  I am acting on what I want most--no matter what you try to tell me.

I have trained you well.  I know you are so content to live within my lazy, lazy zone.  But, dear mind, I'm going to drag you along.  I'm going to fight you on this one.  I'm going to fight!  And I have a feeling that you are going to change to. 

As I slowly start to make different choices, you will be able to make the connection too.  You'll be able to change.  When I choose oatmeal instead of garbage, you will realize, "Oh, she made this choice last week.  I've seen this before."  And when I choose to go for a walk, you can be like, "I guess we really are walking today.  Would wonders never cease."  And when I go to bed instead of watching TV until all hours of the night, you'll be saying, "OK, this is new, but I can deal with it."

And when I wake up and do it all again the next day, you will start to see that this was just like the day before.  And just like the day before.  And pretty soon, you might even decide that the choices and changes I am making are all right.  That they feel good.  That they make sense.

And you might jump on board.  You might start helping me.  You will start to know that I mean business.  You will start to know that we don't have to battle--we can work together. 

Just think how great life could be, dear mind, if you and I could get on the same page.

Let's give it a try.  I think both of us might surprise each other.

Your dear, dear friend,
Jen to Lose


  1. Haha, beat that little devil into submission!

  2. By the way, how come no weigh-in updates? Being accountable to the readers of my blog (and myself) is something that helps me a lot. It's another mental weapon to use against your mind when you make decisions.


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