February 18, 2010

In My Daughter's Eyes

Yesterday morning I was in a hurry, didn't shower, and quickly pulled my hair back in a pony tail.  Sometimes I think that pulling my hair away from my face might make me look thinner (yeah right).  That morning, my eight year old daughter commented on my hair--something about it looking lighter--she saw something I didn't.

Later in the day, we were sitting together, talking at the piano bench after her lesson (her teacher comes to our house), and she reached up and stroked my hair, saying, "It's so pretty."  By this time of the day, in my eyes, my hair was slicked back and greasy, but she saw something different.

We continued talking about music and she commented, "Your singing is so beautiful.  Sometimes you make me want to cry when you sing."  Music is something that has always been an important form of self expression for me, so her words really mean something to me.

It is in that moment that I figured our something really important!

My daughter sees beyond the fat.  She sees me!  She sees all that is beautiful in her Mom.

I know she sees the fat too, because she has asked me when my tummy is going to get smaller -- after having our baby number three.  But that's not really the important thing!  She sees beyond that!

I am making the choice to live differently, to eat differently, to move differently in order to lose the weight and live a better, healthier life.  Ultimately I am doing this for me!  But I am also doing it for her--and my entire family.

I am inspired to see myself through my daughter's eyes!  I am inspired to live up to the vision that she sees--the things that are already there inside of me.  She sees all of the good!  And she forgives so easily when I make a mistake with her--yell too much, worry too much, or expect too much because she is the oldest.  I'm inspired to forgive myself like she forgives me.

I thought I'd be a little sappy and leave you with Martina McBride's song, "In My Daughter's Eyes."  Now that I've listened to it with my weight loss goals in mind, it really says a lot about my own journey and what I am striving for.

My daughter inspires me.  So I'm going to keep going.  I have work to do and reasons to do it.  The thing that's really awesome is--I'm already that person!   I want to be a better reflection of that person.  I want to see that person too when I look in the mirror.  Thank you little Miss M for helping me along the way!  I love you baby.

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