February 18, 2010

Oh I Just Need to. . .

-- get organized before I can add some exercise into the plan.

--clean my bathroom before I can really exercise.

--get to the grocery store.

--finish the laundry.

--write in JentoLose.

Shall I go on?

I've been moving forward on the food end of my plans here, and I want to start adding some activity.  I know, baby steps, one step at a time.  Yeah, I know.  The thing is--I really do want to add the activity.  I remember how good it can feel.  I want to start doing more!

But I'm stuck!  For some reason I just can't seem to start.  Right after Christmas I bought new tennis shoes, lots of new socks, and even some new clothes.  Those were supposed to motivate me.  I even bought a new exercise video.  Haven't even touched those things!  Stuck!

Not really sure why I'm stuck.  If I say I want to exercise (there's that E word that I hate), why don't I do it?  I think it's the same form of procrastination that I have had in just starting!  Maybe it's a form of denial.  Anyone else been there?  I just wish I could put some words down to describe it!  I guess "stuck" says it all!  There is something to be said for actually moving, doing, and gain momentum.  But here I sit, stuck!

Actually -- no I am not!  I am unsticking myself right now!  Tomorrow afternoon is the time!  While my babe naps, I am committed to the activity--my new exercise video (ohhhh that E word!).  It's on my calendar.

My words are here!  See, unstuck!  You've put it out here Jen so you are doing it!  You're unstuck!

How great is that!  Who knew it could be this easy to get unstuck?  Who knew?

Now stop talking and move it!

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  1. Good for you putting it out here! Now you added some public accountability. I find that very motivating, personally.

    I exercise everyday. And most everyday I have to get myself to do it. But I am always glad that I did it...when it is over.


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