February 22, 2010

Week 2 -- Losing and Gaining

JentoLose ~ Losing the Weight. . . Gaining the World
Week 2 Weigh In
  • Weight: 227.5
  • Loss: -3

  • 3 pounds
  • the Whining
  • the Excuses
  • the "sugar low" feeling  
  • the eating while watching TV (who knew I could actually watch TV and not eat?)
  • the Belief that I can do this
  • the Belief that this time will be different
  • the Belief in myself
  • a Body that feels good, nourished by fruits and vegetables and whole foods
  • Momentum to continue making the right choices
  • Energy!  (both physically and mentally)
  • a family that's eating better
Goals for Week 3
  • To fine tune my goals--both long and short term--including stating the work I will do to accomplish those goals (they still don't feel right to me)
  • Add 3 days of Project E word -- and really do it!
  • Eat my snacks at more consistent times throughout the day
  • Drink all of my water (at least 8 cups daily) -- felt like I was a little lax last week
Week 2 Review
It's been a second, strong week!  I feel great!  Even though I've been doing some whining (I still hear in the back of my head, "This is sooooo hard), I feel that the change has begun.  I feel positive about continuing and making the right choices.

I've been hungrier lately--which is good and bad.  Haven't felt that feeling in a long time!  I need to do a better job of eating my snacks throughout the day--perhaps BEFORE I get hungry.  My family is eating SO much better, which makes me feel great!  In the past, I never let my children eat like I did, and I ate lots of food when they weren't around.  But the junk food was in the house and often available during meals or for dessert.  We are adjusting to better desserts and meals with out dessert (gasp!).  We are doing a great job of eating STRONG food (that's what we call the good stuff in our house--the food that makes us strong).

I have definitely been feeling the temptation to return to old behavior--especially during stressful moments--but I've kept my goals in mind.  I like having a mantra (got the idea from a discussion at Project 365)  like "Oh, well--not going to be eating like crazy  today--not going to do it).  My body and mind are still programmed with the old behaviors of eating to celebrate everything. . . but if feels good to know that I am "reprogramming" my body and mind!  

Had a moment this week where I felt like I was getting a headache, and, right away, wanted to eat, so I caught myself: Aha!  That's what you used to do when you weren't feeling good--eat it away!  Didn't even know I was doing it!  Now drink some water, have a healthy snack, and regroup.

For some reason, my husband and I are considering the possibility of purchasing a new house--why, I don't know, because it's not like we have the money to really make this happen.  But my husband has been feeling cramped lately and thinks we should consider the possibility.  This all started when we found a house we really like in our current neighborhood and school district--and in a pretty good price point for us.

So my emotions have been going up (with the excitement of having more space and a new home) and then going down (when thinking of the possibility of being strapped with a larger mortgage, PMI, and trying to sell our current house when we are not prepared).  Sigh. . . I want to stay put, but my husband is all excited now.  Doesn't help him that I keep talking about the pros and cons (our minds work so differently).  In the past, I would be eating through this process, but not now!  The change has been made!

Life is good!  The momentum is building!  I am moving forward!  Here's to a strong week 3!

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  1. What a great week and attitude! Keep up the good work:)


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