February 15, 2010

Weekly Weigh In and Nursing

Weighed in this morning at 230.5 for a 5.5 loss at the scale this week. It's a loss I will take!

Don't know if I mentioned that I am a nursing mom of my seven month old babe, so I don't really know what that means for the scale. I'm trying to weigh in once a week in the morning --after I nurse my babe -- at the same time every week. I'm guessing that the nursing might skew the results some times. But at least if I see some consistent weight loss (1-2 lbs a week) over time, I will know I am making progress.

With my past two babies (8 and 5 years ago), I was never really able to lose weight while nursing, but I'm giving it a go this time. Because I know Weight Watchers Points plan, I am using their Points recommendation for a nursing Mom. This gives me a whopping 38 points a day to eat! I have a hard time eating all of these points every day. It works out to be about 10 more points than if I weren't nursing.

Their materials also says to return to the "normal" points plan once your child is relying mainly on solid foods. Well, my babe is eating solid foods, but I am still nursing at least 5 times a day. So what I've decided to do is to reduce my points gradually by two points every two-three weeks. That makes sense to me.

I'm really using the extra points to make sure I get at least 2-3 servings of dairy and 1-2 servings of oil.

It's going well. I feel good about all of the good, healthier food I have been putting into my body.

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