February 15, 2010

Jen to Lose Goals

Knowing exactly what you want is the first step to getting it.

Sometimes all of my words get in the way of really saying what I want to say. So I'm going to keep it simple:

Long Term Goals:

Weight Loss Goal #1: I will reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 205 pounds.
Weight Loss Goal #2: I will do the work to reach a weight of 180 pounds.
Weight Loss Goal #3: I will do the work to reach a final weigh of 150-155 pounds.

Non-Scale Goals:

Long Term Goal #1: I will do the work to take care of my body and improve my health. I will track this success by having my cholesterol and blood pressure tested. (I will share my current numbers soon.)

Long Term Goal #2: I will become more active with my family, making the dedicated effort to move more and be active with my children on a regular basis.

Small Steps - Small Goals:

#1 -- I will strive for a 2 pound loss every week.
#2 -- I will control my food/calorie intake by keeping a written food journal.
#3 -- I will use JentoLose on a regular basis to explore my thoughts, feelings, successes, and set backs through this process. I will use it as a weight loss tool.
#4 -- I will reward myself for each 5 pound weight loss.


  1. I think it is great that you are setting specific goals. And putting them in writing. Can I suggest one more step? Listing some of the things you will do to achieve small step #1. For example: I will limit myself to X calories, or adhere to X eating plan, or drink X glasses of water or ??? Goals are easier to obtain if they are specific and actionable.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Karen. I definitely have some specific things I will add to the weight loss goals. It's a little harder for my health and family activity goals. I think I'm going to try to do weekly or monthly short term goals that relate to the long term goals. That makes sense to me anyway. Thanks for your perspective. I agree that I need to add the specifics.


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