March 4, 2010

Using My Challenges to Move Forward

So in my last post, I poured over the details of our house hunt situation.  And I admitted that I have been making poor food choices.  Before I go to be tonight, I need to spell out for myself, the things that I need to explore here on JentoLose in order to learn from this situation.

These are the things I want to spend more time talking about as I move forward and keep on.  So, here goes:

1. Learn How to Better Deal with Stress
There is always going to be stress in my life--in one form or another.  My body is used to me abusing food to numb the stress.  I make the choice to abuse food in order to escape from the stress.  I need to come up with new ways to handle the stress

2. Binging
Part of my problem with food and losing weight is -- something comes over my body and my mind, and I choose to overeat with abandon--regardless of my weight loss goals.  Now if I am in a "good place" like I felt during the previous two weeks, it's harder to move into this destructive behavior.  But there are times when my mind works against me.  I had never really called it binging before, but that is what it is.  Recently, I've read a few blogs talking about binging, and it was through this reading that I have realized that I need to address this behavior.  I need to identify and direct this behavior if I am going to move forward in the right, healthy direction.  I'm not really sure what to do.  But talking about it is a start.

3. The Right Goals
The number on the scale cannot be the goal for me--it just can't.  I stepped on the scale Tuesday and was down two pounds -- even though my eating had been really bad.  That is not success.  I need to do some work thinking and identifying my goals.  My goals need to involve healthy behavior and healthy choices--especially when dealing with stress.

4. Planning for the Weak Moments
I think one way I could have avoided falling into old behaviors and poor choices would be to plan for the times I want to throw in the towel.  I need to identify ways I can help myself--things I can do to help myself when I want to derail in the future.

5. Journaling
 Writing on Jen to Lose is so helpful for me.  It helps me check in with myself.  It keeps me accountable.  And it helps me process.  I NEED to commit to the journaling.  By journaling, I am committing.  When I don't write, I am hiding.  I cannot hide from myself any longer.

You have your to-do list now Jen.  Go to bed now and prepare to do some work on these areas soon.

I know there are a few of you out there who have started to support me in my process--and I am so grateful to you!  Thank you, thank you!  If you know of any good resources that have helped you with similar struggles, I would be all ears!  Thanks!

I am so encouraged by the power of words, the power of community, and the power of sharing the journey that I have found by reading your stories.  I'm so encouraged that I can move forward--stronger and with direction.  Moving forward. . . finding my way.


  1. My best advice for when times are hectic and lots of running around is to always have something in your purse...a baggie filled a serving of nuts or crackers, a granola bar, a piece of fruit (apples and bananas usually do well in my purse for one day)

    Good luck!

  2. This is a great list! I participate in an online forum that is an amazing resource. Even more personal than the great blogosphere community. The one I participate in is and they have forums for every imaginable diet plan. Check it out. And don't just read the threads; join in! It has been such a boost for me.

  3. I like your list, I think you have some great points here. :) I struggle with stress too. It's something I'm not sure I'll ever overcome (like my love of food) but I gotta keep working on it.


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