March 30, 2010

What I've Been Thinking About

So I haven't posted for a while, but I'm still here.  Still living my life.  Still in the game--or one game that is--the rat race.  We all have days or weeks that get the best of us.  And I've recently had a few.  It's really nothing new--just ordinary stuff that makes life busy. . . which can lead to out of control. 

And this is what I am realizing!  A major factor in long-term health and wellness for me will be how well I preserver during the stressful, crazy, out of control weeks.  How I handle these will determine my success or continued stagnation.

Ultimately, success takes action.  It takes planning.  It takes perseverance.  It needs momentum.

So in my state of "non-posting" I'm still reading the blogs out there.  Still catching a weight loss or health or "obesity crisis" story somewhere.  Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

We have a free preview month of the channel Ruby is on, so I get to enjoy her show for a little while--and I love it!  Her story is so interesting, and so real to life!  I love her positive attitude, and I love that she's taking one step at a time.  On her recent episode, her therapist recommends changing five things in her life in order to "change up" her weight loss situation and perhaps break through a plateau period.  I am thinking that changing up five things in my life would be a great place to start!  What are my five things?

Question What Am I Most Sure About
On Harry's Blog, he mentioned this guy.  He says you don't really need to know more stuff about losing weight.  You need to be asking the right questions -- about yourself.  And you need to re-examine all of the beliefs you have about how to lose weight.  And this is what really hit me:

I need to look at all of these things and how they do or don't work for me.  I need to look at what I am doing and try to figure out WHY it hasn't worked!  Or there are certain things I THINK are going to work for me, I need to figure out why they ARE or AREN'T working!  Or in other words -- I think I need to do THIS to lose weight/get healthy.  It hasn't worked!  It's not working!  WHAT can I do differently!  That's what I got out of it!

What CAN I do
So I've started this blogging thing a few months ago.  And I'm still thinking and struggling to get a groove on.  I've decided that I need to just do what I CAN do.  There are things I can do. . . to do a little better, to make small changes.  Like, I CAN-
-Throw out the Easter candy that no one in my family needs to eat right now (in a different time and place, I could eat it in moderation, but that just ain't happening right now).
-LIMIT the candy I buy for my children this Easter.  I think I'm going to write to the Easter bunny and ask him to bring some "outdoor fun" kinds of things. . . like a jump rope, and bases to play kick ball, and a softball glove, etc, etc.
-I can plan a menu that helps us avoid pizza and take out.
-Even though I haven't been exercising, the weather is going to get AWESOME this week!  I can go for a walk--all by myself!  What a treat that could be.
-I can come up with my own "five things" (a la Ruby)
Look at that. . . there's a lot I CAN do!

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
So I didn't see his show, but I have read a lot of commentary about it, and I did see him on Oprah.  I liked his words that -- enough is enough!  It's time to take care of this problem.  I mean come on--You can't turn the TV on or the news on without hearing a story about the obesity epidemic.  I want to do right by my children!  I want to be a better model for them!  And I can do better by them!  I justify hitting the drive through or having pizza or no vegetables when life gets busy -- because my kids are skinny right now!  But they are young.  Do I want them to inherit my bad habits!  Hell no!  I can do something about this.  I can!

Anonymous Fat Girl
I just read one of Bobbie's latest posts, where she describes what it is like to be five months into living differently.  And I am so inspired by her story!   She's actually doing it!  And it's not just about losing the weight!  She's about living a great life!  I see her working her ass off!  I feel her positive energy!  I want to be my own version of her!

It's all good.  I need to post more.  It makes me feel good--gives me some direction.  So enough thinking.  Or keep thinking Jen, but add me some of that . . .

Act, Move, Learn

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