March 29, 2010

Act, Move, Learn

I'm still here.  I'm still thinking.  Most of the time, I think too much.  It get's me in trouble.

I do need to think.  But mainly I need to act.  As I've been thinking, I keep returning to the following words:

Act ; Move; Learn

This sums it up for me.  I need to talk less.  Think less.  And act.  Just act.

Start.  Continue.  Act.  Just do it (you know you want to).

Act -- take an active roll in your life!  Decide what you want and act on it!  Act!

Move -- move your body Jen!  Move forward!  Move!

Learn -- by acting and moving, you'll start to figure it out.  You'll learn about it.  About the process.  You'll learn about you.  You'll continue to think.  You'll be making progress.  You'll be moving forward with direction.  Not only will you learn, but you will LIVE, and ultimately LOSE.  Then ultimately WIN!

Act.  Move.  Learn

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  1. I agree! Too many times we wait. What are we waiting for?


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