April 1, 2010

Being OK

Sometimes, you just have to be OK with where you are.

I am the mother of an eight month old.  My time is not my own, and I have a hard time getting things done right now.  I still don't have my laundry room picked up, or laundry done, or dinner quite planned or the bathrooms cleaned.  I can't work at something more than 30 minutes at a time before someone needs me.  I have a to-do list of a gazillion things, and I feel like I never get any of them done.  And that's OK.

I had a Subway sandwich for dinner tonight (I don't count that as fast food--not the bad fast food) with cheese and mayo, BUT I didn't eat any Easter candy, and I didn't buy any chocolate at Target today.  That's pretty OK.

My feet are tingly because they are not used to walking, or maybe I'm not used to my new tennis shoes.  But I kept moving during Grey's Anatomy tonight.  That's more than OK.

I'm getting more sleep and watching less TV.  And moving more and feeling better.

I am filling my children's Easter baskets with only one chocolate bunny, sweet-tarts, jelly beans, sugar free gum, and Peeps (I hate peeps).  No little chocolates that I will sneak and eat and devour.  I've also added a slinky and a card game.  I admit I'm feeling a little guilty--feeling like I should add something like a little toy or something, and I'm worried that they will notice that there isn't more.  But they won't be eating tons of junk they don't need, and I won't be eating tons of junk I don't need.  It's all going to be OK.

Today was not an all or nothing day.  I did some things and I didn't do other things.  I'm moving forward.  I'm in the game--my game.

It's all OK.

Better than OK really.

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  1. Wow - you were a busy blogger! Sometimes for me OK is good, sometimes not. But I can live with OK.


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