September 12, 2010

Day 2: 9/12/10: Apple Picking & Bike Riding

 I'm checking in on day 2 of my 38 days.  It was a very nice day--one of those days where we didn't have to run anywhere.  I stayed on plan, wrote down what I ate, and got in a little activity.

My family and I hit the apple orchard today.  It was a gorgeous day--in the mid 70's and sunny (after a depression, gloomy week before)--the perfect day to pick apples.  Last year, we had an early frost, and we missed apple picking season, so I wanted to make sure we made it this year.

We go to a cute little orchard about 20 minutes away.  It's perfect: a little store, tractor/wagon ride out to the apples, a few animals to look at, and a few hay bales for the kids to climb.  It's simple, perfect, and not overdone.  Now the fall colors haven't started to change yet (I can't wait), and there were only two varieties of apples to pick, so I"m pretty sure we will be headed back.

I love apple season, and there are so many great apple recipes--ones that are relatively healthy.  Today, for a snack, we had our apple slices with light caramel--perfect.  I also love baked apples and apple crisp.  I also have a great recipe for healthy apple muffins.  I think I will have to share a few of my recipes soon!:)

We also went on a family bike ride.  Now that my little guy is over a year, he travels nicely in the Burley.  If only my almost 6 year old (in the pict above) would learn to ride without training wheels.  This little guy is having such a time adjusting to Kindergarten, and his anxiety is coming out in other ways -- like crying all the way home on our bike ride.  Oh well--it's all part of growing up.  I'm walking him to school tomorrow instead of the bus--trying to make him feel a little safer.

So that's my "newsy" day 2!  It was good, and it feels great to be back on track!

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  1. When my son was home from college a few weeks ago he was gracious enough to take the long drive with me to an orchard to pick apples. We got there and I was so disappointed to find they were all "bad." Misshapen in some way, maybe some tree illness? Bummer.


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