September 13, 2010

Day 3: 9/13/10

Just checking in before I hit the hay.  I'm hanging in there at Day 3--that's a pretty good accomplishment for me.  Another fine day in our neck of the woods--mid 70's and sunny.  What can go wrong on such a beautiful day as this.  I've been thinking about posting more thoughts on some specific topics, but my time right now is limited.  It's always limited, but that will come.  Right now I'm just checking in.

Followed my plan; counted my points; and got in a little activity.  Went for a walk with my two boys today--one in the stroller and one on training wheels.  It was a little on the long side for my biker, so I shortened it up a bit, but it was still a nice 40-45 minute walk--I'll take it.

I've had a turkey in my freezer since last winter, and I finally got it in the oven.  It made a nice dinner (which I admit I ate too much off, but not the worst thing I could do), and will make for great sandwiches and a few other meals this week.  I'm thinking I'm going to cook up the stock and make some homemade turkey soup.  Could be interesting.

So those are my day 3 ramblings.  It's feeling good.  Got to take those good days when you got them!

Hope you all are having a great week!  Do you have any good, healthy turkey recipes?

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  1. I have a great turkey and rice soup recipe that is low-calorie and super tasty! Email me if you want it.

    Glad to hear you are well!


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