September 9, 2010

To WW or Not to WW?

With the start of the school year, I am trying to get a better schedule in place for myself.  I want to manage my time, energy, and household better.  In the six years I've been home with my kids, I've found myself getting too unstructured!  Too lackadaisical!  OK, I'll say it -- TOO LAZY!  When your time is your own (and your kids don't get on the bus until 9 AM), it becomes too easy to sleep in, too easy to let the breakfast dishes sit until after lunch, and every day becomes a "what should we do" day -- and NOTHING gets done!

I'm still learning that I work and function best when I have STRUCTURE and ROUTINE in my life -- something that's simple, not too complicated, and allows me some flexibility.  Easier said than done usually -- another thing I'll keep working on.  Anyway.  Here's my dilemma --

Should I or shouldn't I pay the money and attend weekly Weight Watcher meetings?

I have gone to WW meetings in the past, and have had some good success.  I have also gone to WW meetings in the past, paid the money, and ate like crap, chose NOT to follow the program, and made zero progress.  My point is that to lose weight and change my life, it is going to take a level of commitment on my part -- and I'm going to need that whether I attend meetings or not. 

A strong part of me believes that I have the information I need to lose weight.  I just need to put it into action.  But the WW meetings would provide some great support, information, and fresh ideas.

I'm somewhat torn.  Here' my Pros and Cons List:

Reasons to Attend WW Meetings
--Weekly weigh in's keep me accountable.
--Over the past months, I've had a hard time acting on my plans.  Meetings could kick my butt into gear!
--Force me to take the time for myself every week, which is sometimes hard to commit to with my family's busy schedule.
--Paying the money might force me to act (for a while).

Reasons NOT to attend WW Meetings 
--I can track my weekly weigh in's with this blog.  Ultimately I have to be accountable to myself.
--I can receive support online -- through a weight loss community and communicating with other like bloggers.
--Life is really busy with my family activities.  I don't want to take one of my few free mornings to go to a meeting.  When I can use that time to do other important things.
--Money -- I don't want to pay it!  I shouldn't have to pay someone else $$ for me to lose weight.  I could save that money and use it to buy some new clothes every month I am committed to my plan.
--Blogging can be a great tool to help me express myself, to receive ideas on lots of different arenas -- I just need to commit to it as well.
--I already have lots of information on how to work the WW program.  I just need to do the work!

 I'm running out of time.  My hour is up, and I have to return to my family (wonder what we are having for dinner?), so my thoughts are getting more random.  But I wanted to close with my decision right now:

My Decision Right Now -- I'm NOT going to attend WW meetings right now.  But I need to act on my plan right now -- let's get going Jen and get your action plan on the move.  If I still find myself failing to act in one week's time -- that's Thursday, Sept 16, 2010, I will THEN go back to meetings.

What do you think?  Have you done Weight Watchers before?  Have you found the weekly meetings worth the money?

I'm sure I'll have more to say on this topic, but now have to run!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I did it years ago with a friend and going to the meetings was good, but weighing in was key for me. There are a lot more online resources now than there used to be. I would say try it without and if you are not sticking to the plan, go to meetings:)


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