September 9, 2010

School Is in Session -- Now What?

My kids went back to school this week!  (Insert lots of cheering!!)  Summer time is all about the kids and activities.  I feel like now, my life can start again.  I have been craving more routine and a schedule that gives me a little "me" time.  I really need it!

My second child started Kindergarten this week, so we have had a few challenges this week with the uncertainty of this new experience--some tears, excitement, and some definite anxiety.  He is now doing great with two days under his belt.  And it's only half-day Kindergarten, so I am very fortunate to have him come home to me for lunch and an afternoon of mom - son activities.  I'm going to cherish this year that I have with him and make the most of it.  They grow up so fast!

It was with the birth of my now Kindergartner that I became a stay-at-home mom.   I took a long term leave of absence from my job as a middle school library media specialist;  we took a leap of faith because we didn't think we could afford it; and here I am SIX years later -- still home with a one year old at my feet as well.  Life really is good, things are good.  I'm certain that I will one day want to return to work, but those thoughts are for another time and place.  Right now I'm glad to be where I'm at.

Six years ago, when I decided to stay home with my babies, one of the reasons I used to justify leaving my job was -- I would have more time and energy to focus on losing the weight and living healthy. And here I am --another baby later and still struggling with the same weight and food issues.

So with the start of the school year for the kids comes a fresh start for this Mom to really commit to making a lasting and ongoing change in the way I live my life.

Over the course of the last few months, I've really struggled with making a commitment to myself and my goals.  I've struggled with actually doing the work to make the changes that I want.  I've blogged on again and off again.

All I can say is that I'm here.  I'm trying.  I'm using this blog as a tool.  And I'm going to keep trying.  I really think I can tackle these challenges in my life -- and change the way I deal with them.  I'm going to keep trying and keep trying and keep trying.  I'm going to learn what works for me.  I'm going to work towards goals and expectations that I set for myself -- and I'm moving forward.

And I'm going to keep trying.  That's all I can do!

Thanks for reading, following my journey, and even leaving a comment here or there!  I appreciate it!

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