February 4, 2010

Am I Starting?

Something interesting is happening this week. So I have finally started to write on Jentolose. I'm sloooooooooowly making the commitment, but haven't quite set the "start date" yet. Because you know there has to be a start date (why, I'm not really sure). Anyway. But I'm getting ready. Let's be honest--I'm still in my "failing to act" mode. But I'm making progress.

Here's the thing. The one good thing I have done this week is -- I haven't bought or brought any junk food into the house. All week after lunch and dinner, my kids have asked, "What's for dessert?" And we just say, "No dessert tonight." And here's the amazing thing -- the world did not end! They did not fall to the floor flailing and crying. They're used to having dessert, but when we don't have it, life goes on. And it's OK--better than OK.

This gives me hope. We can change our habits. Change our lives. One baby step at a time.

Today I went to both Trader Joes and Aldis and completely stocked up on some foods that will help me get off to a good, strong start -- frozen fruit, natural peanut butter, EVOO, brown rice, produce, salmon, tilapia etc. And I resisted a lot of the bad stuff--you know the stuff with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup.

I know this progress is so slow for me, but I am really getting there. Tomorrow, I am staying home all day. I need to hit the hay now, but tomorrow, I commit to doing two things:

--Getting my food journal in place. (This means finding the journal I bought months ago and putting it in my kitchen.)
--Pulling out some of the exercise equipment I am going to use and making it readily available.

I know that some of this must sound pretty stupid and "stuck." But I do think I am making progress. It helps to write about it.

Here's to tomorrow.

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