February 10, 2010

Baby Weight Is Still Weight to Lose

I don't know if I mentioned yet that I have a 6 month old baby (almost 7). My third baby. My last baby.

Before the babe was born, I weighed 205 lbs. Nine months pregnant--I weighed 250. This week, I weighed 236. This is the exact same pattern I followed with all three of my children.

When my first child was about a year, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time, and it took me a while, but I lost the weight and more--down to 183 lbs. But when I became pregnant with my 2nd, when right back up to 250, down to around 235. And I lost that baby weight too--down to 187 a few years ago, but up to about 205 before pregnancy #3.

Sorry to bore with numbers, but those numbers are engrained in my head. One of my goals is to get down to that 183 lb mark (haven't posted my goals yet--that's a post in progress).

One of the numbers that scares me the most right now is my waist size --49". That's a big waist! My daughter knows that it's a big middle--she has asked me twice when my tummy was going to go back to normal.

I am back into some of my pre-pregnancy clothing--the big stuff! Most of the stuff is tight in the belly.

With all of this rambling, I am trying to say that all of this baby weight is weight now! The baby is out, and it doesn't matter that I was recently pregnant. It doesn't matter that I put this weight on while pregnant. It's all just weight. pounds. fat. The result of the decision I have made, of the excess food I have put into my body. I need to make the decision to address the fat around my middle and everywhere on my body.

I think I am still in denial about what my body actually looks like. I've been meaning to post some pictures up here--need to do that soon.

I figure that I am using JentoLose to lose the weight, I might as well put the pictures out there. I'm going to keep my clothes on though. Just putting fat pictures of me out there is bad enough right now.

Here's one goal. With the first two pregnancies, it took me an entire year before I took action to shed the baby weight. And now I'm at 6 months post baby--I'm six months ahead of the game.

And no more babies, so it's time to lose it for good this time. That's why this time is going to be different.

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