February 10, 2010

Eating Has Been My Hobby

Since I have been tracking my eating for three days strong now, changing my eating habits is highlighting how much I have been eating. On a typical day before tracking, I would eat ALL day! Just because--the food was there.

And I would definitely eat when my children were not in the house. My five year old's off to preschool? Time for the ice cream! Baby's napping? Weren't there some chips left? It's ridiculous--and not in a good way. My body is sooooo addicted to sugar, it's not even funny!

What I am realizing is that I have to change my habits, change my routines. Right now, my body is programmed to eat, eat, eat. And I have to give it the time to reprogram. I'm sure I'm probably having sugar withdrawal. I've had kind of a light constant headache for a few days now--I attributed it to hormones, but sugar levels definitely could play a part.

The question I have to ask myself is -- what do I do now that I am not eating? (Eating the junk that is). I am trying to eat at regular intervals throughout the day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack).

I need to develop some new habits. I've been chewing lots of gum so my mouth has something to do, and drinking lots of water. I do need to add the exercise, but right now I'm going with tracking the food. I'll let my body adjust and add the exercise soon.

I also recently realized that I have abandoned some of my old hobbies. Just haven't had time for them. Why no time? Because I was sitting on the couch eating. I would love to play the piano more and sing more and read more and move my body more. I would love to play with my kids more and read books with them and just be with them.

So the question I am still trying to figure out--if eating is no longer my hobby, what is??? How do I start doing more and thinking about the food less? Do I still want to eat the junk? No. . . yes. . . no! I'm reminded again how eating healthy doesn't have to be depriving!

These are my random thoughts--sorry if someone is actually reading this and I sound crazy! Thanks for reading my randomness

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  1. Eating was a hobby for me too, it was also habitually associated with things I did. If I wanted to watch a DVD for example, I'd make sure I had some snacks to go with it - you can't watch a film without some chocolate!

    I've replaced my food "hobby" with a "weight loss" hobby now. Tracking calories, planning meals, going to the gym and reading/writing blog posts :-)


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