February 9, 2010

Doing It Today! My First Weigh In!

My First Weigh In - 2/8/09
Weight -- 236 pounds
Waist (at BB) -- 49"
Hips -- 50.5"
Upper Arm -- 13.5"
Thigh --? (forgot to take measurement)

So I have taken that final step in my preparations (i.e. end the procrastination), or first step, and I have committed to living better, eating better, and moving my body.

I have committed to doing the work to reach my weight loss and live healthier goals.

And it feels great! I admit that I have this fear lingering in my mind -- fear! But I'm moving forward, and I'm going to try to use this blogging thing as a tool--for sharing all of my thoughts and emotions in this process--and perhaps I'll truly identify what that fear is all about. There's time for that.

I have done lots of different things to try to lose the weight, but I have never blogged about it. I'm excited about using Jentolose as a weight loss tool. I have started to comment more on other blog posts that speak to me--so a few people have stopped by. That kind of scares me too--other people reading my deepest darkest feelings when it comes to losing the weight. But when I read some of blogs our there, I totally see myself.

And when I have read their success stories and see their before/after pictures, I'm so hopeful. I want the same success! I know I can find my own success!

I'm doing it today! I've gained one day of health. I'm taking care of myself -- and ultimately taking better care of my family. That's a great thing

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