February 5, 2010

Losing the Weight, Gaining the World

I have tried to lose weight many times. Some time I'm sure I'll share all the details of my many weight loss exploits but I don't have the desire or energy to do so right now. But I've been to that party many times.

So as I approach making healthy choices, I thought I would use JentoLose to focus both on what I am LOSING and what I am GAINING. My hope is that this will prove encouraging and inspiring to me as I face the daily challenges that arise.

So the LOSING -- Of course this refers to the NUMBERS! Got to have the numbers -- weekly weigh ins, measurements, etc, etc. And I'm going to share all of my numbers. I figure, what the hell. The pounds are on my body--I'm not hiding them from anyone. I'm putting myself out there on Jentolose. I might as well bear it all. It is me. Let me clarify. The numbers are NOT me, but they reflect where I am right now. The numbers don't define me. They are a tool I can use as I track my weight loss progress.

And the GAINING -- So why not focus on all of the good stuff that will happen as I commit to taking care of myself. I'm tempted to list here all of those great things that I hope to gain--like feeling better, more energy, health, etc, etc, but I'm going to stop. And I'm going to let my journey decide what those are. But I'm going to document the GAIN.

Losing and Gaining--that's what Jentolose is all about. Notice the sidebars (losing on the left; gaining on the right)--still not perfectly happy with the layout. But who's perfect?


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the "about" page!

    I guess what made WW different for me this time is that I stopped my "all or nothing" thinking and negative self-talk. I won't lie, it didn't happen over night and it's easier said than done, I know.

    I tracked my points every day no matter what (even if I went over) and instead of saying "I'll start over tomorrow" if I over-indulged, I would try to start over at the next meal/snack.

    You know what...I was surprised to see I lost weight a lot of weeks that I went over my points. And some weeks I gained. If you go back to my posts throughout 2008 and the first half of 2009, you will see a summary of WI's on my weekly WI posts for the last 10 weeks and I gained a fair numberof weeks. Obviously the losses outweighed (no pun intended!) any gains but how easy would it be to just quit when you see a gain?

    Even in 2009, I re-gained 15 (almost 20) lbs from August to December, but overall was still down 85+ lbs. Does that make me a failure? I don't think so. Realizing that was one of the hardest things because it's so easy to beat ourselves up! But we have to look at the big picture!

    OK sorry for the novel; I am looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. Thanks for the story--I love stories. And it is so inspiring hearing how you have made the changes in your life--and have stuck with it--even with ups and downs. Thanks for the comment and for answering my question!


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