February 14, 2010

Week One in Review

Small Successes: detoxing from sugar, drinking lots of water, minimum night eating (no sugar), limiting myself to one pizza slice

It has been a great week! I'm actually making the change. The first steps are over--this is my life, me living it, and it feels great!

I'll weigh in tomorrow. Not too worried about what the scale says. I just feel so great that I am making this change. It hasn't been easy, but honestly it hasn't been the worst thing in the world.

Early in the week, I noticed some of my bad habits -- or, the kids are gone, let's eat! So now I can't do that! I'm sure this will still be a challange, but I am aware of it.

I've had to do a little whining in this process. It maybe hasn't come out in these posts here, but it's definitely in my head. It's like I've been saying in my whiniest voice -- "This is going to be so hard." So what Jen--deal with it! You are making the choice to do it, so deal with it! And, even more importantly, you have the determination to really make this happen. How awesome is that!

I've eaten some great food this week. Chili, Strawberry PB Smoothies, and almonds helped keep me satisfied. Having chicken and rice cooked early in the week made it easy for me to make a few quick stir fry for lunches.

For Valentine's Day, my family went bowling for two hours. I'm now feeling a few aches, which let's me know that, oh yes, my body has not moved for a while--and it needs to start moving. While bowling, we had pizza, and I limited myself to one slice--a huge success. Valentine dinner was surf and turf--with other healthy fixings--ending with an "on the lighter side" chocolate cake. I didn't feel deprived at all.

It's been a great first week! You are awesome Jen! You are starting small. You are making food changes. And you are moving forward. Here's to tomorrow and week #two.

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