February 12, 2010

Move Away from the Fat -- the Language of Losing Weight

My last post was on all of my fears. I know it was a lot, and I know it was a little bit of a downer. But I just had to get it out there. I've had a really great first week of making some changes--an awesome week actually! But at the same time, I feel a little bit uncertain.

I really want to keep Jen to Lose positive and encouraging, because I think that will help me the most. At the same time, if I am being honest, and Jen to Lose is my place to do so, I'm going to talk about my insecurities. I'm going to have down days, and I will share about them. I'm positive that I am going to have TONS of amazing things to share that will just light up Jen to Lose! I'm certain! So before I move on to my next post where I talk about this GREAT week, I have one more thing that I have been struggling with:

(Whew! What a long introduction!) As I write and try to describe what I am doing here, I am struggling to find the right language that REALLY explains what I am doing.

I keep using words like
getting healthy, changing my life, my action plan, living my best life, making a change for the better, moving my body more, better eating, better living.

There are tons more that I just can't think of right now. BUT THESE WORDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! Now these words really are actually pretty good--nothing really wrong with them. But I feel like I have said them all before. I feel like I am being too nice to myself when I am using them. I feel like I might be avoiding the read deal when I say them. I feel like they are BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

Perhaps these words are part of the denial. Perhaps I am just trying to avoid being so blunt as to say -- "I have made myself really fat and I want to get rid of my fat ass!" (BTW, I just read an intersting post by Mrs. Fat Ass about her name, which made me think a lot). I think I try to avoid the negative labels because I don't think they really encourage me.

But let's face the facts. I am fat! I can avoid the word all I want but it's true! The O word--another thing that scares me. Yes I am obese--probably pretty close if not in the morbidly obese category. It's reality! And there is nothing wrong with that! (Well yes there is, that's why I'm here). But face it Jen! There is a lot of good that can come when you just state the truth. Don't just sugar coat it with all of the nice, pretty words. Now move forward!

Yes you are fat right now! You know that. And you are making a change. You are moving forward towards your goals (what are those goals again?) Move away from the fat (LOL). Do the work now, one itty bitty moment at time, to change your life, to lose the fat, to lose the weight. You know, you are NOT going to be fat forever, because you are making the decision to change your life. And words might not really explain it. But you are doing the work! And that's all that matters.

Oh, you have so much to gain. Right now, in the present, and in your future. I'm excited to keep going on the journey.

(BTW, it feels pretty damn good to write this post--I needed it!)


  1. Jen, now that you realize your situation and what you want to change, you got to move past it and stop beating yourself up.

    I'm kind of similar in the fact I HATE labels and one of the reasons why I picked my hat of Anonymous Fat Girl is because I always hated the term "fat girl" and I decided I was going to own it and not let it bother me. It still bothers me, but it's a process, you know?

    And another thing to keep in mind is when you blog about things that you are struggling with, it may just help one of your readers (me included) because we could be going through the same thing. So keep on with the great posts, I enjoyed this one. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment--it's encouraging! I think the words were just getting in my way. I just needed to get them out of my system, so I could move on. For me, calling myself "fat" all of the time is not encouraging, but I just needed to state the truth bluntly. And now I think I can move on!

  3. I hate the O-word too. You never hear a comedian making obesity jokes, like it's such a serious word you can't even joke about it.


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