March 17, 2010

I Will Never Be Ready!

I have 20 minutes before I pick up my preschool boy.  Just read two great posts, one  by Jack Sh*t on the why's of trying to lose weight and Diane's post from Fit to the Finish on the excuse "I'm not ready."  These posts speak to my heart, and here's why.  They got me thinking about--me!

I'm in "I'm not ready" mode.  I have TONS of not ready's:

I need to make a grocery list and get to the grocery store because we have no bread and no fruit and no baby food and basically no food  Maybe after I get that done I will be ready.

I need to get through Easter and my daughter's upcoming school carnival.

I need to get my house in order.

I need to get my closet cleaned out.

The weather needs to get nicer so I can start walking outside.

I have one stick of butter in my house, and I won't be ready until it's gone.

My husband threw his back out.  Once he's healthy, I can really focus on me.

Once I know what plan I am following, then I will be ready.

When we have more money and my grocery budget doesn't need to be so tight--then I'll be ready.

Maybe when I have more time.

When I'm on a better routine.

If I could just get up and get organized before my kids wake up, if I can do that, then I'll be ready.

It's birthday week at our house--too much cake at our house.  Once it's over I'll be ready.

Maybe when there is no ice cream in the house.

Did I mention I have a girl scout?  When the girl scout cookies are gone, then I'll be ready.

When I can get on a better sleep schedule and actually go to bed at night--then I'll be ready!

When I get organized, then I'll be ready.

When I get through this crazy week, then I can think about being ready.

I'm not ready to get off the couch.

I'm not ready to stop watching TV.

I'm not ready to deal with the garbage of WHY I am overweight and struggling to make the change.

I am not ready to be organized--don't know if I even have it in me.

I have a hard time with change.  I'm not ready to change.

I've got to take it slow, right--that will make sure I'm ready, right?  How do you really take it slow?

Maybe after I take a shower I'll be ready.

Maybe after I get the kitchen cleaned up, I'll be ready.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready.

I think I'll be ready on Monday.

You're right Jen!  You'll never be ready.  Life will never be organized into the perfect little box that I think it should be.  That's life.  It's crazy and messy and kids cry and I don't take a shower and I'm not organizing and I'm late for picking up my kids and the baby's crying and my husband is telling me I need to go and I never have my coupons ready to actually get to the grocery store and it's crazy and hard and impossible and impossible and impossible and . . . . that's what life is.  That's your life.

So Jen -- what does this all mean?  What are you going to do about it?

(I'll figure that out in another post.  I'm out the door to preschool)

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