May 11, 2010

Weighing In and Goals, Goals, Goals

Weekly Weigh In: 229.5 pounds (Mon 5/10/10)

When I started JentoLose back in February, I had the hardest time setting my goals.  This time I have my goals set and I'm moving forward!  I have my goals listed on my Progress Page, but I wanted to make some comments on these as well--comments are in red below.  I'm also trying to start small and focus on manageable chunks, so I have some May Goals set as well:

May Goals

So here are my goals for the month of May (about 3 weeks left):

--To lose 2 pounds a week for a total weight loss of at least 5 pounds
--To make healthy "in plan" choices when going out to eat
--To walk outside every day-- it's doable
--To finish reading The Worry Cure (picked up at the library--want to find strategies for keeping my worries in check)

That's it for May.  Of course I'm doing more stuff, but this is where my focus lies.  I'm going to gave a May goal update each week.  Probably boring details for some, but not for me!:)

Jen to Lose Goals (with comments in red)

1. Scale Goals -- I will use the scale as a tool to track my weight loss, but it is not the everything. (Have to start with the scale---it's unavoidable, at least right now)
  • I will do the work to reach a weight that is within a healthy range for my height.  I will reach this ultimate weight goal by focusing on smaller goals (If I'm being honest, I have 150 in my head, but I'm trying be be flexible with myself and focus on what's most important--just moving and making healthy choices daily)
  • I will focus on losing 5 pounds at a time, rewarding myself at each success (giving special attention to reaching my pre-pregnancy weight and my lowest weight in the last five years)  (I can do 5 pounds)
  • I will also track my measurements monthly
2. Food Goals
  • I will use Weight Watcher's point system to track and guide my calorie consumption and food choices.  (This is what I know and feel most comfortable with.  It gives me flexibility and some options, so I'm going with it.)
  • I will write down everything I eat in a daily food journal.
  • I will use the plan to increase my intake of whole, natural foods. (I'm throwing around the idea of going more organic, more grass fed beef and better chicken, but the cheapskate in me has to take baby steps in this area)
  • I will not binge! I commit to regrouping immediately after having a setback with my food choices. (I think THIS IS KEY to my success and growth as I continue this journey!  What to do when I want to abandon my goals and eat everything in sight?  And how do I regroup immediately and keep moving toward my goals!  Again THIS IS KEY!  I would love to say that I'm going to perfect with my eating choices--but that just ain't going to happen!  So if I can figure out this area, I will be making awesome, awesome progress!)
3.  Activity Goals
  • I make the commitment to DAILY activity and exercise.  I will schedule a daily activity/walk at least five times a week. (I know I need to start small, but I need to commit to the activity.  So that is what I am trying to do!)
  • I will schedule and plan more ways to be active with my children and family --at least three times a week.
  • In September 2010, I will begin to add jogging to my weekly activity, working up to a 5K race in May 2011 (About 10 years ago, jogging was a small part of my work out schedule.  I would jog for about 20 minutes at a time.  It was challenging, but I know I can do this again!  I want to do this again!)
4.  Finding Me Goals --Part of this journey is about identifying the reasons why I have used and abused food.  To do this I will. . .
  • Write in a journal or Jen to Lose on a regular basis, checking in with myself about my success, challenges, and where I am going.
  • Identify new ways to better handle stress, worry, and hormones.
  • I will set smaller, monthly goals in order to manage my journey in smaller chunks.
  • If I am having challenges and struggles, I commit to use my journal and blog as a tool.  I commit to keep going, to keep writing, to probing deeper. (Honestly, I feel a little lost right now--just keeping in honest.  Probably has something to do with being a SAHM for five years now and having a new baby.  I know I need to take on some new challenges.  And right now, my weight loss goals are the priority!)
5. Other Goals
  • In October 2010, I will have a family portrait taken.  (I always avoid pictures--hate them!  But I am committing to having a family photo taken by the end of October 2010--5 months from now!)
Well, this doesn't say it all but it is a solid start.  I would like to add something about my family, but I think that will come with time.  Ultimately this is not only about the scale.  This is not about perfection.  It's about taking one step towards saying what I want and doing the work to make it happen.

You have your goals Jen.  You have your starting point.  You have a vision.  It is strong.  It is doable.  It is a plan you can act on.


    1. Welcome back Jen. Goals can be helpful, but be careful that they don't become oppressive and noisy. Also, talk is cheap.

      What single thing could you do this week that would have the biggest impact on your life? Do that!

    2. Hey Harry--thanks for your comments! I agree talking isn't action! I have to start somewhere though and these goals are where I'm at. This post is my messy post where I get all my thoughts out about it.

    3. Wow! That is quite a list. Makes me think I should be doing some focused introspection here on what I need to be working on myself.


    Hey -- Thanks for reading! Leave a comment keeping it positive!