August 11, 2010

Posting and Comments

Posting -- 
I haven't posted on this baby for quite some time.  Because I have started and stopped and started and stopped so many times in the last six months--the story of my life, you know--I'm a bit hesitant about how I'm going to use this blog for my weight loss purposes.  I feel like I have failed, but I haven't really.  I have wasted my time, yes, but trying to move forward and act is a really great thing for me!  I don't want to talk about the past, but I do want to learn from the struggles.

As I begin to work my program, I was tempted to give myself a grace period.  I would get going in my plan for a few weeks and then start publishing my posts.  But that doesn't really keep me accountable.  And I need accountability -- to myself that I will post and track on this darn thing.

Comments -- 
I find that I love it when people leave a comment on one of my posts.  But I have also find myself too influenced by the words or tone or innuendo of many well intentioned comments.  When people comment with words of encouragement, I feel like I am being too whimpy and whining.  And when people call me out on my inability to act or my long-winded-ness, I take it too personally.  I was tempted to start posting again and turn the comments off, just for a while.  But no--comments are a good thing.  I want to connect with others out there who are sharing their own weight loss journey.  I want it to be about connection and communication and sharing information

So as I continue with my journey here, I am trying to really focus on my vision and how I want to proceed.  It's about me right now, selfishly about me and what I am doing.    So please leave a comment if my words reach you.  And if I don't respond or reply to a comment right now, know that it's because I'm trying to focus on my own vision, my own acceptance of who I am and what I'm doing. 

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