August 10, 2010

What I Am Learning -- Planning Is Key!

Whew!  What a day I've had and it's only lunch time!  So Sunday night when I was regrouping for the week, it sounded like a great idea to start blogging--to really put myself out there!  And right away I'm taught that my imperfect life is not a reason to overeat and throw in the towel.  A little blogging right now means a little accountability.  So I'm still here.

So here's the short on what's happening and what I'm learning:

Life this last day and a half has been crazy--as usual.  I've been preparing, loading, and delivering tons of stuff to a local consignment sale--my attempt to rid the baby gear while not having my own garage sale.  A mom's night out last night proved too tempting (food wise) and a rain storm messed up my whole morning and delivery of my sale items.  Top it all off, I finally get my kids home for lunch and we have hardly any food in the house.  Bad news!

So my first reaction is to throw in the towel and say--life's crazy--let's eat!  Not such a good reaction.

What I'm learning is that I have to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!  My food, my meals!  I have to take this part of the plan seriously.  If I knew what I was planning to eat for lunch, I wouldn't be tempted by certain foods in the fridge.  If I have my salad greens clean and my vegetables cut, it would be easy to grab them and go.

The lesson to learn is -- make the planning a priority!  It will help me get where I want to go and move me forward!

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