August 10, 2010

So even though I haven't been posting or commenting, I've still been reading the blogs.  And on many of the blogs I read, the writers are struggling with daily decisions.  Their weight fluctuates.  They aren't perfect.  But they are continuing to keep trying, keep doing the work, continuing to make their life happen.  It's truly inspiring.

So with all of my blog reading, and with all of the talk in the media about the "obesity epidemic," I am STRUCK by how truly challenging this losing weight thing really is. 

Now I know that people like to read positive thoughts and energy -- I get that!  But I am STRUCK by how challenging this losing weight thing really is.  Even the people who have tackled their weight loss demons and are winning (all you great bloggers out there) -- they still struggle.

It's a battle.  It's a struggle.  It's a challenge.  It's hard.  You have to keep going.  Keep fighting.  Keep trying again.  Keep regrouping.  Keep picking up the pieces.   Keep fighting the fight.  I know I'm not supposed to say it, but it's the damn truth!

And it doesn't matter it you have 10 or 50 or 200 pounds to lose--or even if you are maintaining.  We are all trying to do the job.  Yes, some of you might have a good momentum going.  And others are still working at it.  But we are all trying to do the job.

I believe that we all have our own challenges to face.  I don't have other problems, but I do have a problem with eating too much--and it's taken over my life for way to long.  But I believe I've been given this challenge for a reason.  I believe that I'm supposed to conquer it!  I am supposed to figure this thing out!   It's not supposed to be easy!  Nothing important is ever easy!  But I'm going to do it!  And the plan is--sooner rather than later.

And as I tackle this beast of my problem, there are going to lots of questions and answers, highs, and lows, discovery and reflection.  It's going to be damn hard--I just want to say it!  But I can do it!

Losing the weight is my challenge, it's my battle.  And I have my armor on--ready to fight!

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  1. Yes, you could be writing about me. I was going great guns for what seemed like so long and then started slipping. And slipping leads to more slipping for me. Thus is my life as a yo-yo dieter. Just when I think I have it all under control (again), I realize I don't. Sigh. This time!!!!


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