September 26, 2010

Just Five Pounds

Goals are important--yes! 

But goals are overrated!  Really they are! 

Yes I have goals!  I have things in my head that I want to accomplish.  I have things I want to accomplish written down on a piece of paper.  I have reasons why I want to lose the weight -- need to lose the weight.  And I know what they are.  Honestly -- all of my words, words, words makes things very complicated!  Spelling out all of these goals to you right now just isn't worth it.

Now seeing me ACT on a simple goal--that would be an accomplishment!

So I'm trying to keep this simple.  And here it is--a simple goal: to lose 5 pounds.  And to reward myself when it's accomplished!

Tomorrow morning, I will share my weight.  And I will do the work to lose 5 pounds.

It's just five pounds!  Even with a busy life, I can do that!  I might not be in the "gym rat scene" right now, but I can step up my activity.  I might not be the "perfect" eater right now, but I can make some better choices in order to make a little progress.

 5 pounds is a little step.  5 pounds is nothing.  5 pounds is keeping it simple.  5 pounds is doable.

Check out my journey to lose 5 BIG little pounds.  It's a simple goal.  It's my goal.

How would you change your life if you were just going to lose just 5 pounds?

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